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Banner - What is life coaching?One of the greatest things I have learned whilst Life Coaching is “If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk”. Nothing could be truer, there is no point me spouting off great ideas and giving you wonderful information if it’s not something I believe in myself.

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Walk & Talk sessions are designed to help you with either a specific issue you literally need to walk or talk out i.e. a sudden life change, something that has caught you unawares and you need to find a solution or, can be used as a maintenance session for those who have perhaps embarked on coaching previously but need a “top up” to get them back on track again? It’s designed to inject enthusiasm and encourage development.

So the session is a good old fashioned stomp by the sea, for approximately an hour (can be two) where we identify the issue, walk & talk it out and at the end of the session have an action plan which I will then email to you to follow and get you on track for finding that solution, or getting you back on course for your goals.

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