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Collage showing a woman jumping for joy, and a happy woman walking her dog Life Coach Directory There doesn’t have to be anything “wrong” with you to want to run a check and make sure that your life is still the one you should be living. Perhaps you’ve outgrown it?

As your coach I want you to be the best you can be, to feel the joy of life down to your bones, expect more fun, more passion, more happiness. I want you to appreciate how precious life is without being precious about it. I want you to live the best possible life for you.

Life coaching is based in the present and the future. It is based on the premise that the past need not equate to the future.

I specialise in Solution Focus Coaching. I focus on where you are now, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. It’s very focused and at the end of it you will have a plan whether it’s for your personal life or your business. I don’t rake up the past, there are counselors who can do that, I don’t nag, you have relatives who can do that but I will support you, encourage you, sift through the clutter that is life and help you design your future.

To change one's life, 1, start immediately, 2, do it flamboyantly, 3, no exceptions. William James, PhilosopherWhether you’re a Gorgeous Granny, a Distressed Director, a harassed husband, a Sassy Sister, a Mutinous Mummy & not feeling so yummy, perhaps you’re looking at this site because you have to cope with the ups and downs of an ever changing life? A new job, being a parent, a relationship ending, redundancy, trying to be modern day “super woman or man” or just having to deal with another challenge and you would like some help?

Well……that makes you far braver than you give yourself credit for, you’re looking for solutions, you want to use the resources you know you’ve got, to make your life better and deal with whatever comes along. Coaching is about identifying and removing whatever is in your way and usually I find it’s always the same thing – YOU! The great news is….. You can stop putting obstacles in your path and I will help you to do it.

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