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About Kate Mills

Find out what Kate's teacher said!

I’m dynamic, creative, passionate and hideously organised, which makes for a great Life Coach.

From an early age I seemed to have some “coaching qualities” whether it was my organisation skills - lining up my Mum’s toiletries in size order so that they looked nice to being the friend who sorted out problems, even if it was just a bar of chocolate at the crucial moment. As a teenager I was teased for always being colour co-coordinated, from my lipstick to my nail polish but I just saw it as attention to detail – I still do. My school reports would use the words “lively” or “spirited” and I’m definitely both of those!

In my past working lives, I’ve worked in sales and advertising, ran a vintage clothes shop, organised a major Blues Festival and then was a director of a Marketing Agency, so I have a variety of experience. I trained as a Life Coach in 2003 when I decided that my life skills could benefit others and I wanted a better work life balance for myself.

I have a knack of looking through the clutter, whether it’s emotional or physical and helping my clients find a way through it, making space for them to move on. I enjoy creating solutions and watching people blossom and grow.

Life Coaching with me is having someone to cheer you on, support & believe in you, who is exclusively yours to run ideas past and sometimes even challenge you….in fact, I’m a bit like a personal trainer for your mind and soul helping you to find solutions and create action plans.

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